Hi guys, I have been using Twitter for some time now and thought I would draw up a list of Twitter Tips for people just starting out on Twitter. Whether you are a casual user or a business owner trying to increase his / her followers these tips should help.

So without further a do…

1) Follow People Of Similar Interests

This one has been pretty useful, find people within your industry or share a similar interest who tweet often and are fairly active. These active users will often follow you back, afterall they are doing the same job you are. One of the fastest ways for you to do this would be to search twitter for # tagged keywords, if you sell “blue widgets” perform a search on twitter for “#bluewidgets”. Another way to find users of similar interest would be to use www.followerwonk.com and “search twitter bio’s” for the same keywords.

Follower Wonk

2) Tweet Often

Pretty straightforward to understand, Tweet Often! this shows you are an active Twitter user and people will continue to follow you provided you have something interesting to say…

3) Engage With People

Important in social media not just Twitter, you must always remember to “engage” your followers, get them talking! Find out what makes them tick, what they hate what they do for a job anything but just get them talking. If you can build relationships with people on Twitter they are more likely to “Re-Tweet” your posts and share what you have to say with their followers. Always try to “engage” active users who have a healthy following, this way you will reach a wider audience.

4) Mix It Up & Look Human!

You are not a Robot! so don’t act like one! Its fine sharing your useful information and promoting your services & products, but soon enough people will get fed up of you ramming your marketing efforts down their throats! You need to post some “non-promotional” tweets too, such as “Hey all, how has your day been?” etc… This should come naturally if you engage people from point 3.

Remember MIX IT UP! (Think GO COMPARE! how annoying is that guy! Don’t be this guy on Twitter!).

For those who don’t know who this guy is.. check out this video:


5) Stumble!

A little technique I’ve found to be one of the most effective by far is to use “StumbleUpon” to find interesting articles to tweet about. Simply sign up to StumbleUpon, add your interests and start stumbling, anything you find which is interesting to you (and your followers) share it on your Twitter profile.

6) Start A Blog!

Start your own blog, start blogging and produce interesting posts, share these on Twitter….. Simple… Ish… Blogging itself can be fairly difficult to start with, but I find that once you start it gets easier.

If you run your own blog remember to install some “social” share buttons especially the Twitter button, make it easy for your readers to share your content.

7) Automated Tweets

Hang on!! This sounds a little like a robot I hear you say, and yes I agree with you to some degree. Automated tweeting is a fact of life if you are serious about marketing via Twitter. If you sat there manually Tweeting how would you get anything else done? or would you consider employing somebody purely to Tweet on your behalf? of course not!

There are a few tools out there which offer “automated tweeting” I personally prefer to use “Hoot Suite” or “Timely“.

8) Use # Tags

Hash tags are great for generating new followers, if you place a “#keyword” tag within your tweets people searching Twitter will easily be able to find your tweets and then follow you. This is effectively the opposite to a point i made at the beginning of this post. Instead of you searching for related followers by searching for hash tags, you are the hash tag this time!

9) And finally…Cleavage!

Ok this tip isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, if you spend enough time on Twitter you will undoubtedly start collecting followers who seem to be spam bots of some kind, they usually have a “nice cleavage” display picture. I can only assume they are apealing to the red blooded males in this world! Who would follow BOOBS!


Try looking through your friends “following” lists see if they are following any spam bots.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any other tips to add.

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