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I can help you to create high quality, well planned and well executed content that will not only help with your SEO but also help your potential customers engage and ultimately contact you.

SEO Content & Digital PR

The creation of high quality written content is paramount for any SEO strategy, it is also more often than not the hardest part of the entire process. “Content is King” has been an old adage within the SEO industry since its inception, this particular rule has remained a constant whilst other “best practices” have come and gone.

As digital marketers we have a problem, that is engagement. In the modern world of smartphones and social media written content is readily available literally within seconds. In order to truly succeed online your content needs to capture the audience and engage with them!

Not an easy feat…


Relevancy & Engagement

Two of the most important elements of any digital marketing campaign are “relevancy” and “engagement” If you get these two things right your website should convert generating leads and selling services or products.

When planning your website content you need to be able to understand the customer, their needs and their intent. Content not only needs to be relevant to what they are searching for but it also needs to be engaging. Well written content will encourage the website visitors to take a further action, whether that is to buy a product or make an enquiry.

What’s Involved with SEO Content & Digital PR?

Keyword Research

In order to produce high quality content there should be a lot of research and planning involved. Keyword research is usually the beginning of this process, gaining an understanding of what potential customers are searching for within the search engines and how often is vital.

Keyword research helps me to determine the different types of content your website needs. Each keyword has a different “user intent” some are informational based searches, others are “buying searches” by people looking to buy your products or services. Planning content around user intent is paramount.

Content Planning & Creation

Once I have an understanding of what keywords are being searched and the user intent of those keywords I can work with you to start planning the website structure. I differ in this regard to a lot of web designers who don’t necessarily understand what your customer is searching for.

I will be able to provide a list of potential keywords that people are searching for each month, web pages and blog content is planned around these.

Keywords are assigned to pages and these are the pages which should rank within Google and the other search engines.

On-Site Content

On-site content is usually either page content or blog content. Pages are you main shop window and are where you should be promoting your business, products and services. I will discuss with you what are your USP’s (Unique selling proposition) these will be included within the website “sales” pages. Marketing messaging should be clear and concise and SEO content creation is a big part of that.

Blog or News content should be regularly updated, relevant to your business, products and services and would usually be based around “informational searches”. Articles about a given topic to provide further information to your customers, these articles are there to support your main “sales” pages.

Off-Site Content

Any content which is planned and written for use on another website which is external to your own domain is termed “off-site” content. This content is usually in the form of a Digital PR piece which is placed on industry relevant media websites. These can be in the form of press releases giving company updates, or specific articles which are featured on these media websites. I can also work with bloggers who are discussing your sector and secure content placements on their blogs.

Social Media websites such as LinkedIn also provide us with an opportunity to publish off-site content which links back to your domain.

The effects of publishing your content on external websites are, exposure, brand awareness, referral traffic and backlink creation.

Regular Fresh Content

Adding fresh content to your website is extremely important and should form part of every SEO strategy, it is useful for two main reasons. Firstly Google likes to see websites that are active and publishing new information for its users. Studies have shown that websites that add new content regularly get visited by the search engine spiders more often (this is important for getting your pages fully indexed).

Secondly, it gives us as SEO specialists the opportunity to continually target new keyword opportunities which may be found over the lifetime of the SEO campaign.

The most common place for businesses to add fresh content is within their on-site company blog. I am able to work alongside you and your staff to produce fresh content on a regular basis, continually expanding the list of keyword targets within your SEO strategy, giving your website greater opportunities to rank and drive organic traffic.

Duplicate Content Pitfalls

There is a major problem which most websites will suffer from in one form or another, duplicate content. Essentially this is where the same written sentences and paragraphs appear on multiple pages on your own website. This can cause Google issues in understanding which pages should rank for any given keyword.

Worse still some websites (typically ecommerce sites) will use the same written content that can be found elsewhere on the internet. Product descriptions are an example of this where suppliers provide written descriptions of their products which may be listed on multiple retailers websites and also commonly on Amazon.

Duplicate content can seriously harm your ability to rank your web pages. I can help identify any elements of duplicate content and rectify them.

Different Content Types

Content is important… very important, but content can come in different forms. Having a page which is “rich” in the different content types is much better for SEO. Content is most commonly in the form of written text, the majority of your website content should be written text. However there have been industry studies that have identified that websites have a much higher chance of achieving high rankings and in turn higher volumes of traffic if they also have strong images and videos.

Google and the other search engines are primarily “text based crawlers”, however you can also drive traffic via Google image search, other sites such as Youtube can also drive traffic through to your site if you spend time producing high quality videos for your business.

The use of video is a hot topic at the moment as it is widely believed that by making use of video on your website you are improving the engagement of your website visitors. For this reason alone it is recommended that you implement video within your SEO strategy.

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