Technical SEO.

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Technical SEO

What is technical SEO? Essentially any elements of how your website functions or has been put together form part of Technical SEO, it is important to get these technical elements right as they form the foundations of your website and any successful SEO campaign.

Technical SEO is one of the main areas of my expertise, I have been building and creating websites with SEO in mind for many years and understand what the search engines look for with how your site is constructed.

Further information on specific areas I look at is below.

What Does Techncial SEO Involve?

Site Load Speeds

Having a fast loading website is extremely important for your SEO, with the introduction of the “mobile first” index by Google websites need to be fast loading as most searches are doing via mobile devices these days.

The load speed of your website can depend on many different elements, including the site coding, image file sizes, server response times etc…

As part of the technical audit I will look at all the elements which can help improve the site load speeds, these will form part of the initial SEO strategy. 

A faster site not only performs better for the SEO but also your site visitors.


Crawl Error Fixes

Crawl Errors are reported when the search engines try to crawl a web page which no longer exists or has been moved, this can be detrimental to SEO if they aren’t fixed.

They are usually caused when website have been redesigned or pages removed, if the search engines try to visit a page which doesn’t exist they will usually remove it from their index, resulting in search rankings dropping which negatively effects the volume of traffic your website will get.

I can detect and fix any crawl errors within your website as part of my monthly SEO work.

301 Redirects

301 redirects are put in place to tell the search engines that there is a new version of a page and to index this version rather than an older page. This is the most common way to fix crawl errors which were mentioned above.

If your content changes or is moved it is important that you correctly implement a redirect to help maintain your position in the search engines.

It is important to implement 301 redirects rather than 302 redirects with regards SEO.


Server Factors

One of the technical elements which seems to be forgotten about by most website owners is the web server itself, there are plenty of cheap hosting companies around which may look tempting but having a fast server which is correctly configured can make a huge difference with your website’s SEO.

There are things that can be done to help optimise your hosting web server to help improve your technical SEO.

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