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Grow Ecommerce Revenues via SEO & Organic Search

Ecommerce websites can benefit hugely from SEO, it enables their products to be seen by a much larger audience than any other form of marketing.

By their nature ecommerce websites tend to be much larger than traditional business websites. This enables an SEO specialist to target much larger numbers of keywords, which in theory should equate to larger volumes of traffic.

The ever increasing costs of sponsored advertising or pay per click makes ecommerce SEO a viable alternative, and when done correctly can have long term benefits which other methods of advertising cannot.
There are many eCommerce platforms, but focusing on industry leading solutions such as Magento is advisable.

Category Level SEO Targeting

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Product Level SEO

By targeting keywords at the product level we are able to maintain rankings for each individual product, targeting product names, model numbers, part numbers etc… This will ensure that the traffic from SEO is highly relevant to your products, which in turn increases the chance of the site visitor finding exactly what they want and increasing the possibility that they are going to buy.

This strategy fits into what’s called the “longtail SEO” strategy, ranking for a huge number of keywords which have less competition online.

Buying Traffic!

We describe this highly relevant traffic as “buying traffic”, the more visitors which are in their “buying phase” the higher the conversion rate of the eCommerce website.

Any traffic which is non-relevant or traffic via informational search will usually struggle to convert into a sale on an eCommerce website this traffic should be converted into buying traffic where possible with clever use of design and pushing the company USPs.

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How SEO Can Help...

Increased Visibility

Increased visibility online can help you attract more customers, generating more sales and leads.

Attract Customers

By actively targeting the keywords people are searching for withing the search engines.

Increased Web Traffic

By performing Search Engine Optimisation on your website, we can boost the traffic your site receives.

Brand Awareness

Seo has the power to build your company brand by increasing your website visibility.

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