Ecommerce SEO

As an eCommerce website owner, you know that driving relevant traffic to your website is key to making sales and being successful as a business. Ecommerce websites can benefit hugely from SEO, it enables their products to be seen by a much larger audience than any other form of marketing.

Ecommerce SEO Services

By their nature eCommerce websites tend to be much larger than traditional business websites. This enables an SEO specialist to target much larger numbers of keywords, which in theory should equate to larger volumes of traffic. However, it also makes eCommerce websites more difficult to optimise as they have a lot more pages and product categories.

An experienced eCommerce SEO company will take all of this into account when working on your website. They will also be aware of the different types of traffic that an eCommerce website needs in order to be successful – not just from a SEO perspective but also from a conversion perspective.
There are two types of traffic that are important for eCommerce websites:

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords – these are the keywords that people use when they are close to making a purchase. For example, if someone is looking for “men’s shoes size 10”, they are close to making a purchase and are likely to buy from the website that they find first.

Generic Keywords

Generic keywords – these are the keywords that people use when they are not looking to make a purchase straight away. For example, if someone is looking for “shoes”, they might not be interested in buying shoes right now but they might be in the future.

What's Involved with Ecommerce SEO?

“Buying Traffic” – We describe this highly relevant traffic as “buying traffic”, the more visitors which are in their “buying phase” the higher the conversion rate of the eCommerce website. Any non-relevant traffic or traffic via informational search will usually struggle to convert into a sale on an eCommerce website this traffic should be converted into buying traffic where possible with clever use of design and pushing the company USPs.

Product Level SEO

Products are the key to all eCommerce businesses, attracting potential customers via the search engines to your product pages is what it’s all about. This can be achieved with effective use of titles, descriptions, and other on-page elements as well as by building links to these pages from other websites.

Product pages are usually easier to keyword target as they tend to be fairly self-explanatory, the keywords they use are highly targeted to exactly what that product is, as a result, they can rank quite quickly. Product searches do however tend to have lower search volumes than broader terms, however as they are highly targeted the conversion rate of these keyword types is generally higher, provided your pricing, shipping, etc… are all correct and in line with your competitors.

Category Level SEO

As well as products, categories are also essential for an eCommerce website. Categories are used to group products together, as such, they have different types of keyword targets. Category-level keywords tend to be much more competitive and broader. If we take shoes as an example, category keywords may include “black men’s shoes” “brown men’s shoes” “men’s walking boots” etc… Rather than product terms such as “brown men’s shoes size 10”.

Category level keywords usually have a much higher number of monthly searches, and usually, a greater number of websites using these keywords. Competition is much higher, but so is the traffic potential.

Product Level SEO

Category Level SEO

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