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New Website SEO Planning

As a business a huge part of your marketing strategy should be your website, keeping the design fresh and up to date with the most recent trends or technologies is important. When planning your website redesign or if you are planning a brand new website SEO should be one of the first things you think about.

By planning your new website from an SEO standpoint you are giving it the best chance to rank within the organic results from the outset. It is important that your new website “hits the ground running” and starts driving traffic and enquiries through to your business.

I can help you plan the structure of your new website based around in depth SEO research focused around the products or services you provide.

What Is Involved With Planning a New Website?

New Site Structure

The structure of your new website is super important, it enables potential customers find information efficiently and navigate your website effectively. SEO should form the basis of planning your site architecture.

I will work alongside you to plan your new website based around in-depth SEO research. You need to know who is searching for your products, where they are based and the number of searches people are making each month. By performing keyword research we can gain an understanding of which keywords need to be used within you site and plan your page structures around these keywords.

Over 80% of all searches online are now done with a mobile device, so Google have taken to crawling mobile sites too. Making your site mobile-friendly means that Google has an easier job and readers can browse your webpages unhindered by awkward layouts.

Website Speed

There are various “technical seo” aspects which you need to consider when planning your new website. One of the most important is website load speed.

Site speed is one of the signals that Google algorithms use to rank pages. If this doesn’t impact Google indexing, the amount of time a page takes to load can still be the turning point between retaining or turning away potential customers. Fortunately, there are several ways of speeding up your site.

The way your website is coded and structured plays a huge part, making sure the code is optimised, images are optimised and video files are correctly implemented is vital. The other major thing to pay close attention to is the speed of your webserver, there are many cheap hosting providers however investing in a fast webserver will help improve the chances or your website ranking.

Site speed is extremely important with regards to mobile SEO.

Redirect Old URL’s

One of the most common issues I regularly see when speaking to new clients is that they or their web developer hasn’t redirected the old page URL’s.

Over time web pages change, especially if you have recently redesigned your website. If you don’t correctly redirect the URL’s for your old website structure Google and the other search engines may struggle to fully index your new content. They may continue to try and crawl the old pages which no-longer exist, this can have hugely negative effects on your website rankings, in most cases your rankings will crash and traffic drop off totally.

Making sure you redirect these URL’s correctly will make transitioning over to a new site much smoother.

Written Content

Digital content will be one of the biggest drivers to your site. Initial keyword research will be undertaken for each page based on the on-site strategy planning and your business’s goals. This is usually the hardest thing for website owners.

The search engines need written content in order to rank your website, your content should be engaging and of sufficient word count to provide your visitors with the information they need to buy a product or enquire about your services.

Your content should aim to be the highest quality and the most useful resource of its kind. Google rewards websites that aim to help their searchers find what they’re looking for. Over time, brilliant content that has been properly optimised will bring in additional users and therefore additional profit.

The Perfect Domain

You should choose your domain name carefully. Keep in mind potential for expansion or changes to your business in the future. For instance, try to avoid including place names in your URL if you’re aiming to become international. Your URL is a ranking factor, so it is best where possible to match your URL to your brand name.

Your subsequent URLs for each page should also be optimised to be as short and memorable as possible. This also ties in with your site structure and keyword research – good URLs will follow both.

Registering a brand new domain name is the norm, however there are instances where you may be able to obtain a pre-owned domain, extreme caution should be taken when buying used domains. These could have a Dark SEO history which would further complicate things.

Images & Video

Images are extremely important with delivering a professional look for your business, professionally taken photos should be considered, stock images can also be used to produce the professional feel.

The actual file size of your images is important, if they are too large they will slow down your website, reducing load speeds and negatively effecting your SEO.

Images can be utilised to optimise your site further for SEO. Customising the name and alt text of the images to include your keyword.

You can reduce the size of your visual content and employ various techniques to increase your loading speed, or at the very least mask it so that your customers stick around a while longer.


HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a more secure form of communication than the previous HTTP, as it uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This may sound very technical… it is! But is extremely important.

Google annouced that all websites should make the switch over to HTTPS as an attempt to make the internet a more secure place. Many websites are switching over to this protocol, as they provide stronger data integrity (third parties can’t read the data) and users are learning to put more trust in sites using HTTPS.

I can help with the installation of an SSL certificate which will enable the https:// protocol on your domain.

Google Search Console & Analytics

Measuring the success of your website is important, Google Analytics is a FREE tool that will help you monitor traffic and leads generated via your site. If you have a pre-exisiting Google Analytics account it is important that you implement the same tracking code within your new site, this will ensure there are no “data blackouts” ensuring you have all the information you need within your business.

Google Search Console is like the “engine room” of any website, it provides in-depth data on how the website is performing within the organic searches, it helps identify any technical errors or issues with your SEO. Most new customers I speak to have never implemented Search Console within their sites.

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