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Reach Nationwide Customers with SEO

By national SEO I am referring to nationwide coverage and visibility within the search engines for your company’s primary search terms. Targeting terms without any locations mentioned, an example would be “seo consultant” or “seo company” as opposed to “seo consultant derby” or “seo company derby”.

By targeting national search terms there is a potential to reach a huge amount of customers, ideal if your business offers its services or products throughout the entire country.

How National SEO Targeting can help

By reaching out to a larger number of searchers the potential to build your company brand is huge, national SEO has the potential to make your company more visible to the entire country. This wider audience often brings increased website traffic, and provided this traffic is highly relevant to your products or services will increase sales and leads.

Ecommerce companies in particular will see huge benefits from National SEO, read more about ecommerce SEO here.

When you start targeting the entire country the number of competing websites increases dramatically. Because of this National SEO can be difficult and require a lot of time (depending on business sector) to achieve the best results.

The rewards for ranking for national keywords are huge, higher search volume generally equals higher traffic once in the prime spots on page 1 of Google.

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Webpage Optimisation

Implementing keyword targets within your website, based around what your potential customers are searching for.

Huge Potential For Traffic

Compares toe Local SEO, targeting customers on a national basis has the potential to drive a much larger amount of traffic through to your website.

Great For eCommerce

Most eCommerce websites actively target the entire country, National SEO is perfect for these businesses who are actively looking and able to fulfil orders from all over the country, even internationally.

Read more about eCommerce SEO

Digital PR Coverage

Part of your SEO activity should be to seek out national press coverage, specifically within “online” PR. This helps support your SEO and helps build links from some of the UK’s top media websites.

Link Building

Link building in SEO is still highly important, Google will look at how many other websites link to your, essentially looking at how many other websites are “talking” about your business.

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What Are The Benefits of Local SEO?

Local SEO is relevant to any business wishing to attract more local customers. The key benefits are increased traffic from your target audience and increased sales and leads from your local area. Finally Local SEO will help build your company brand locally.

How SEO Can Help...

Increased Visibility

Increased visibility online can help you attract more customers, generating more sales and leads.

Attract Customers

By actively targeting the keywords people are searching for withing the search engines.

Increased Web Traffic

By performing Search Engine Optimisation on your website, we can boost the traffic your site receives.

Brand Awareness

Seo has the power to build your company brand by increasing your website visibility.

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