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National SEO – Reach Further

SEO is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy, but first you need to understand what search terms you’re targeting and where. Is your company striving for local, national, or international coverage? As you’d expect, the larger your audience, the more competition you face, making it difficult (but not impossible) to get noticed.

National SEO creates visibility for your primary keywords in nationwide searches. By targeting search terms unrestricted by local keywords, there is potential to reach a huge number of customers; ideal if your business offers products and services throughout the UK.

How National SEO Can Help

Whether you own a large company with sites across the UK, or a small online shop offering nationwide delivery, national SEO can help you reach out to a much wider audience. If you’re an ecommerce business, hoping to build your brand image, or just looking to expand beyond the local area, you should definitely be looking into national SEO.

However, optimising your site nationally isn’t easy. You’re no longer against a few nearby competitors, but fighting for the attention of the same audience as every other UK business in your industry. Your site will need to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and topics, have useful and relevant content, and stay ahead of the competition at every turn.

If your company is small and cannot handle too much business, or if you provide a specifically local service, you may be best off sticking with local SEO, which will provide a good basis to expand nationally further down the line. National SEO will then create opportunity for setting up International SEO.

National SEO is a significant long-term investment, subject to frequent changes within a complex system. Your business needs to have a robust strategy prepared for competing over a lengthy time span. Organic search can take months to bear fruit, but the rewards make it worth the wait: higher search volume generally equates to higher traffic and higher sales once you reach page 1 of Google, making national SEO one of the best sources of income for your business.

What Does National SEO Involve?

Web Page Optimisation

To optimise your content, you need to know which keywords you’re going to target. With national SEO, these keywords are often broad topics which will take longer to rank well. Optimised web pages take time to perform, so setting them up properly in the first place is of the utmost importance. Knowing the correct balance between optimisation and keyword stuffing is necessary to avoid any Google penalties and ensuring readability is unimpaired. Focusing on providing top-quality and helpful content to users is the best method for success.

Technical SEO

Regardless of your target locations, technical SEO should be a vital component of your digital strategy. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your site is if it isn’t usable. It needs to have a well-organised structure so Google can crawl and index it as easily as possible. Google will ignore pages it cannot access or read. Similarly, users will get frustrated and leave if your interface loads too slowly, if it’s full of errors, or if it takes more than two or three clicks to get the information they’re looking for. Many users now use mobiles to browse online, so you also need to have a mobile-responsive/mobile-friendly site.

On-Site Content

By optimising your onsite content, you are making your website more noticeable and more likely to reach your audience. Whether this is your web page copy or blog posts that link back to your site, optimisation is key to digital success.

Off-Site Content

Off-site content refers to anything that helps build your online presence that isn’t placed on your website. Predominantly, this means link building (such as guest posting, or brand mentions), and outreach such as sending press releases to relevant journalists and bloggers.

Digital PR & Media Coverage

Using PR and media is the best solution for achieving widespread coverage for your exciting news or surveys and findings. When written and presented properly, press releases are used by PR companies and journalists, who can spread the word about your company across multiple sharing platforms.

Link Building

Investing time in ethical link building is a great way to improve your ranking and stay in Google’s good books. Websites with good domain authority, particularly in your area of interest, are ideal for making partnerships and bringing additional users to your site. This can be achieved either through link sharing, links to your site from relevant material, or by guest posting on other sites.

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