6 Reasons Why You Need to Digitise Your Business

Digitising your business comes with far more benefits than it does disadvantages, especially in such a modern, digital age. If your business still runs in a more traditional way, like advertising your business with leaflets through letterboxes or posters on the sides of bus stops, then you’ll find that going online will be effective in generating leads, increasing conversions and improving sales rates.
‘Going digital’ is something that you should consider to help move with the times. But in addition to propelling your business into the 21st century, there are other ways in which you could benefit from digitising your business and its processes and we’ll be discussing those in this blog post. Some of the ways in which your business could ‘go digital’ includes:
  • Having a website
  • Redesigning your website
  • Having a blog or news page
  • Executing online advertisements
  • Using social media to promote your business and the products and/or services you’re offering

1) You’ll be better equipped to carry out competitor research online

In order to set yourself apart from your competitors, especially if they’ve already digitised their business, is to carry out competitor research. This allows you to see a number of things with regards to similar companies, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • How they’re advertising their goods and services
  • Who they’re targeting
  • The social media platforms they use
  • Topics they post on their blog/news page
  • The tone of their copy

2) Keywords and phrases research can be done with complete ease

In order for your website to appear on page one of Google’s SERP (search engine results page), SEO techniques need to be carried out, and part of that includes conducting research to highlight relevant keywords and phrases that could be used throughout website copy and article text. This is something that can be done online through a whole host of different programmes, like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner and even Google Analytics.

Each of the aforementioned will supply the researcher with important information that can be used to target your website and its content to a relevant target audience. Digitising your business makes this process far easier. However, SEO practices can be extremely complex which is why, often, business owners rely on the help of digital marketing agencies to manage this side of things for them. Andy Morley and his team are able to carry out a wide range of SEO services that’ll shine the spotlight on your business, digitally.

3) You’ll be able to make money while your sleep

With a website and a presence on social media, you’ll find that there will be people who will make enquiries or make purchases online, even while you’re sleeping. People carry out their online shopping at all times of the day and night. This way, you won’t be reliant on your shop opening hours alone in order to make your money.

Digitising your business and implementing an engine which will allow customers to make purchases and make enquiries online is the best way to continue increasing profit margins with little-to-no extra effort required on your part.

This is something that Andy Morley will be able to help with when it comes to the website design stage. Simply discuss your options with Andy and his fully-trained team if this is something you wish to include.

4) It will give you access to more users

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 94.8% of the British population were active users of the internet in 2020, with 57.6 million Brits using social media, states Statista. This is the perfect opportunity for your company to advertise your products and/or services that you have available. You’ll reach far more people online than you would just from footfall alone – another reason to digitise your business.

5) Customers will get a more enhanced experience

You’ll be able to reach and serve your customers in a way that wasn’t possible before you digitised your business. Clients will no longer have to physically come to your store to be able to see what it is you offer, whether it’s a product or a service. A website is a great way to showcase what you can do and customers will place more trust in you for that very reason.

For example, let’s say you lay driveways for a living and there’s another driveway laying company in the area who doesn’t have a website, then you’ll be able to display images of your work and craftsmanship so that potential clients can see that your work is carried out to an incredibly high standard. It would be far more difficult for a company without a website to be able to do the same thing, so it sets you apart from your competitors. This places more trust in your business from the point of view of the customer.

A website will also allow customers to leave reviews which, again, builds trust between yourself and your customers. A stream of positive reviews that are displayed on your website will be extremely beneficial as it’s just another way in which you can set your own company apart from your competitors. Either way, going digital is more advantageous than sticking to more traditional ways of advertising your company and delivering goods and services.

6) Your website will be protected & backed up

If you’ve currently been advertising your business the old-fashioned way, then having a website is something that’s considered a must-have for modern companies. Andy Morley is on hand to plan, design and create a website for you as an experienced web designer in Derby, even if you have an old website that’s in desperate need of a redesign. Some of the benefits of having your own website includes the following:
  • You’ll be present online through any time of the day or night
  • It’s the quickest and easiest way of communicating important information to your prospective customers, letting them know exactly what it is you’re able to offer them
  • It gives your business more credibility, building trust between yourself, as the business owner, and your customers
  • It gives your company the competitive edge, especially if similar businesses to yours do not have a website or if their website is outdated
  • Google Analytics will provide you with much-needed information on who is visiting your site, therefore giving you a target audience to aim content at
  • It makes advertising far easier and more simple, especially for potential customers
  • It enables you to provide better customer service as a website typically displays contact information, so if there’s a problem, you can be easily contacted which, in itself, generates trust

Andy Morley and his expert team are on hand to deliver exceptional digital marketing services, including website design, graphic design, content creation, SEO and PPC services, to name a few. No matter where you’re based in the UK and regardless of the industry you work in, you’ll be able to rely on Andy to catapult your business into the spotlight. For more information about how Andy and his dedicated team can help you today, get in touch today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.

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