You May or may not know that I am the MD of The Web Design Group, a web design company based in Ilkeston Derbyshire.

This last 6 months have been pretty hectic to say the least, the company has seen a phase of expansion going from just myself and Matt Porter to a company of 4 people.

In October we opened our doors to recruitment and began looking for somebody to join the team, we were unsure of who we needed? Did we need another SEO specialist? How about a PPC consultant? We thought long and hard about this and finally decided to get a “Swiss army knife”, somebody with multiple skill sets to help complement our own.

Who did we get? A guy called Curtis Worthington, I used to work with Curt at Adtrak a few years earlier. Curt is a skilled internet marketer who brings a lot to the table so to speak.  Highly experienced in eCommerce having worked for Walton’s Sheds, one of the UK’s leading garden building retailers for many years. Curt mainly looks after our PPC campaigns.

In February 2014 we recruited again, this time we knew what we needed, another SEO specialist. This time Chelsea Potter joined the team, an SEO consultant with a background in eCommerce with Sports Direct. Chelsea has made a big difference to the dynamic of the office and the team, she is great at SEO too!

Onwards and upwards.


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