Blogging TipsSometimes it is very difficult to start blogging, it can be even harder to keep it up. I have been blogging for a couple of years now on various blogs. I have learnt things the hard way and seen the benefits of blogging when following a few simple rules, tips and advice. I share these with you below, also if you have anything to add, please feel free in the comments section below. How Do I Blog? read below…

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Stay Regular – Once you start blogging you need to make sure you keep it up. Search Engines hunger for new content, if you feed them they will reward you with higher rankings and traffic.

Always Have A Purpose & Aim – Like anything, in order to succeed you need to have a plan, make sure you highlight your goals when you set out blogging. Stick to these goals and review them from time to time.

Target A Niche – I have seen the most success whilst targeting the “Epilepsy” community, I have seen my epilepsy site traffic increase dramatically, SERP rankings have shot up and it is now out ranking some national charities, I have seen greater involvement from the “community” by way of guest bloggers.

Go That Extra Mile – Write your blog posts and continually promote them, monitor social channels for people discussing topics similar to your posts, drop into their conversation and mention your blog link. Various tools are available for this, I use “Hoot Suite” to monitor Twitter # tags and certain search terms. There is also a website called “board reader” this monitors web forums for people discussing certain topics, simply use the search function on board reader and it will hopefully send you some useful results back. Finally, use Google alerts to inform you of other bloggers discussing your topics.

Research – Don’t simply throw a blog together! Do some research, see what others are saying on the subject, equally see what they aren’t saying. If you are planning to write a post which other bloggers have already covered make sure yours is better, complements theirs and adds value.

Choose Your Keywords – When blogging it is a great idea to do some keyword research, after all one of the aims of a blog should be to increase search traffic. Choosing the correct keywords is vital for you to take a slice of the search traffic in your target industry. You can get a good idea of search volumes for certain keywords by using the Google Keyword Tool.

Spread The Word – Tell the world and his mother that your blog exists! Visit similar blogs with similar posts and drop a comment complementing the blogger and direct them to your post as “further reading which his readers may benefit from”. This helps build your readers and also forms part of a “referral strategy”.

Try To Stay Relevant & Current – Make sure the information you are providing via your blog is up to date. You wouldn’t usually read a newspaper from a few months ago would you? ( there are exceptions to this tip, if you are providing tutorials or trying for example)

Always Write With Your Blog In Mind – If in your job you find yourself writing a report, doing some research or whatever, always consider how you can convert it into a useful blog post, be careful with Privacy laws etc…

Get An iPad or Similar Tablet – Since I got my iPad a few months ago my blog output has increased dramatically. Why? Because I always have a word processor to hand when I need one. I tend to start blogging in strange places, coffee shops, buses, trains etc… iPads can be too expensive, good alternatives are the Samsung Galaxy Range, Advent Vega. These tend to be slightly cheaper.

Create A “Buffer” Of Blog Posts – “Make hay while the sun shines” what does this mean? Basically when you are in the flow of writing make sure you churn out a few posts, there is a dreaded thing called “writers block”, remember my first tip “Stay Regular”. WordPress has the functionality of letting you provide a publish date and time, when this time occurs it will automatically publish for you. This is great if you are going on holiday / vacation but will require some forward planning.

Thanks for reading.

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