Content marketing is a process that is easily to pick up but very difficult to manage. Even the best marketers armed with fantastic pieces of content can struggle from time to time with blogs and articles going unnoticed or unread. As easy as it is to publish work, actually garnering attention to content and websites linked can be a real battle.

Moz have taken steps to try and help win the war on unappreciated written copy with the release of Moz Content. This new tool’s aim is to help clarify where and what aspects of content can be improved and give an insight into how we can create more relevant and engaging material.


Content audits make up the basic elements of Moz Content. It allows you to perform and analysis of any site and profiles a results page detailing which pieces have performed better than others using factors such as linking activity and social media shares. This can even be used to take a sneaky peak at your competitors and identify where they are doing well.

The tool can be used to automatically filter different parameters such as tagging, categories, authors and even different types of content such as blogs, articles, lists and tips. With this information, you can begin to analyse strategies and detect different insights for each post. You can see which types of content are outperforming others. Perhaps your blogs are getting more shares than your “how to guides” or lists and tips are generating a higher click through rate than other posts. You could even compare onsite and offsite posts to determine where you are seeing the most benefits.

You probably already keep a keen eye on such matters, but Moz Content takes out the hardships and efforts out of the analysis process. This isn’t a one off investigation though and revisiting performance levels is a key aspect in evaluating content achievement.

Fear not, you can arrange for automatic weekly re-crawls of your site to produce updated metric. An audit selector option gives you the power to compare archived reviews and decipher any progression that has been made.


Audits are great, but how can a new site with no active followers measure content performance when there is nothing to analyse? New businesses are much better off researching content and then creating some for their shiny new domain.

Incorporated within Moz Content is a content search feature. Using this handy tool, you can search for and find popular article from around the web which cover your keywords. You can discover aspects that your target audience are interested in and gain an insight into the types of content which generally do well within your niche.

Of course, this isn’t limited to upstarts. Even existing businesses can use this to find out what sort of topics are gathering interest.

How is it priced?

Moz have produced a tiered price plan for access to Moz Content. There is a free version but obviously the features are very limited compared to top end packages.

Moz Content

As you can see, Moz Content does come at a price. If you use it extensively however, it can be a major advantage for utilisation and can give you the edge over your competition. As time goes by, you can expect Moz to continually implement new features to further improve the ability of their latest product.

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