Yes I know, a very strange blog title… yes I also know it wont hold much keyword weight… But as you will see, this blog post is slightly different than most SEO posts!!

A little while ago I wrote a blog post outlining a few “Twitter Tips” for building followers, outlining a few techniques which I have found to help increase the number of people following your Twitter account, my final point in the blog post was put in as a joke, basically I was suggesting that if you were to use a cleavage photo as your twitter avatar you would naturally build followers (mainly male followers).

What happened next was a surprise and quite frankly shocking!

As any good SEO should, I have continually been monitoring my website traffic, over the last 30 days I see traffic for “boob” related keywords. This was very odd!!
Analytics Visitors

Some of the words I am getting traffic for are pretty strange, it’s a small snap shot into the daily “Sex” related browsing which goes on over the internet every day.

I will use the term highlighted below as an example of how my site now appears in the search results (what sort of person types in these search terms…?)

Keyword List

So, lets type “how to see your friends boobs” into the Google UK search engine and select image search, below is the shocking image results… There is all sorts of “wrong” with the below images!


For those eagle eyed SEO’s who haven’t been put off by the first image result, you will notice that I have highlighted the image which is in my original “Twitter Tips” post from a few weeks ago.

So why has this happened? Simple really, Google has found the image with the file name boobs.jpg and the sentence from my Twitter post is “Try looking through your friends “following” lists see if they are following any spam bots.”

Google has picked up on the keywords “your friends” & “boobs” and decided my site deserves to rank for “how to see your friends boobs”. I take this as proof that Google still has a fair way to go with determining the relevance of a websites overall content and associating it with “Google Image Search”, it has matched the search query nicely but the over all content of my SEO BLOG shouldn’t trigger a ranking result for boobs!

So how to fix this?? I would assume it is as simple as renaming my image to something more generic. However I am now fully aware that this post may have made the issue worse, afterall it is a blog post which clearly has the keyword “Boobs” througout.


I also get traffic for “GO Compare” Related search terms, but that wouldn’t have been as much fun to blog about..

Go Compare

Thanks for reading.


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