Committing SEO mistakes can have a devastating impact on the placement of your blog or e-commerce site on search engine results pages (SERPS). The consequences of these errors can range from losing Page Rank to being removed from search engines like Google.

Knowledge about SEO mistakes is necessary, whether you’re the website owner or the developer. It becomes vital if you’ve just launched a website or are thinking of having one.

There are many ways to make search optimisation errors. Nonetheless, we’ve chosen to highlight the common ones. Incidentally, they can also do a website serious damage when left unchecked. Check out our list and see how you can keep your site ‘healthy’.

1. Not paying attention to the page titles and meta descriptions of important pages in your site.

The page title and meta description are essential website elements. While both are HTML attributes, only the title tag has a direct effect on a website’s ranking. In fact, it is the second most important factor in on-page SEO. A page title is a block of text about 60 to 70 characters long. It provides users and bots with an idea about a web page’s content.

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Meta description tags are quite important when gathering user click-through from SERPS. These short paragraphs present webmasters with an opportunity to advertise content to searchers. It is 150 to 160 characters long.

To avoid this error, here are some tips:

  • Carefully think about how you want to write your home page title. It should give people an idea of what your business is offering, without scanning the page.
  • Write compelling, value-laden meta descriptions. Note that these usually determine the search result snippet for your website. Test and experiment with them to determine which ones work best.

2. Not having a crawlable website or a domain name

When you don’t have a domain name, search engines won’t recognise you or your company. Meanwhile, if your website can’t be crawled, it’s impossible for web crawlers to find and index it.

Website accessibility should be a top priority in your SEO checklist. Click around the main navigation to ensure that important pages aren’t hidden away. On the other hand, have a robots.txt file to can block all unimportant pages.

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3. Not thinking about compelling content and marketing

Content is your main ingredient for attracting visitors to your website. Low quality text and graphics, and images could even lead people to doubt your brand’s credibility. Here are some steps to counter this.

  • Think of reasons why someone would want to use your website.
  • Come up with a strategy for marketing your website and for making it recognisable in your community.

4. Not using keywords sparingly

Inserting target keywords is important for optimisation purposes. However, there’s a limit to how many you can use in one article. While there isn’t an actual standard, you’d probably guess that a term repeated three times in the same sentence or paragraph is excessive. Search engines frown upon this practice because it diverts from the focus of making your website actually useful to people.

Always use keywords sparingly in your content. Spread them throughout your article and make sure they look natural.

5. Not hiring a professional to design your website

Your logo is going to be a symbol of your company or brand. You’d want it to be identifiable to customers. Furthermore, your website is going to be the ‘home base’ of your enterprise online. Unless you are a professional website designer, it’s best to hire one with the experience, knowledge and skills. He should be able to take your vision and turn it into reality. Ideally, your design expert should also have a background in SEO. This ensures your website is created in such a manner that the elements will collectively help make the website more appealing to web crawlers.

To summarise, the key to having a well-optimised site is to think about your audience first. Build your website with their needs and convenience in mind. Once you do that, conversions and tangible profit will inevitably follow.

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