During 2012 Google liked to keep us SEO’s on our toes, it would seem that 2013 is no different. The year started quite smoothly, search rankings remained steady for most of the sites I work on, even improving.

I began to notice a shift in rankings for a few terms, they seemed to bounce around a little on the 16th then settle in a lower position on the 17th Jan.

After some digging around and “sounding the alarm” on Twitter I began to hear a bit of feedback from other SEO Consultants, all reporting a very similar set of circumstances. There is definitely something happening, SE Round Table have a post about this:


Have a look through, but the general feeling is that it is effecting UK search only, there seems to have been a drop in back links for almost every site I check on www.ahrefs.com. Are these linking sites being hit too?

My gut feeling is that there has been another “Penguin Update” and the loss of rankings is due to back links being devalued.

A short and sweet post today.


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