BrandWe all know that nowadays more and more consumers are going online to find what they want to buy.  Developing a great website is a good way to get business and it is very important.  However it is possible that your customer has never heard of you and therefore is unlikely to click on your page.

This is particularly true of start-up businesses.  So how do you lead a customer to your site to learn more about you and what you have to offer?  This is where many turn to Google Adwords.

Where Adwords Management Fits In

The most common internet search engine utilised by the user is Google.  In fact, it is so well known that it has become part of our everyday language i.e. to go and “Google” something if you want to know about any particular topic. Adwords, being Google’s main source of revenue, are the advertisements that appear on the right hand of the results and identify what the internet user is looking for depending on what keywords they use.

The astute business owner would be looking to have their own ads appear there and have more people click on their ad, leading to more traffic on their landing page. Adwords management is the process of carrying out the analysis, bidding on the appropriate keywords and maintaining your account to enhance the performance of those adverts.

How Important Is Adwords Management?

An effective strategy of utilising Adwords to lead the right consumer to your product offering is vital.  This is where a careful understanding of which keywords and phrasings suit your business is vital.

You also want the internet shopper to not only click on your ad but also to buy; thereby increasing both your revenue and your business awareness.  Generally you will only be charged if your ad is clicked on not simply for it to appear under Google search results, also known as the number of “impressions”.

Clever management of your advertising campaign or Adwords management will ensure that your ad appears in the right context and setting, is viewed by the right client, clicked on and then even better that the client spends a bit of time getting to know your company and products.  Last, but far from least, you want to be the company that the customer chooses to purchase from.

Studies have shown that most users will only look at the first page of Google results.  They know if they do not immediately see the results they know that they need to enter different words into Google.  What if the perfect results appear to the user the first time but your ad does not appear until the second page?  Well then clearly you are not well placed.  What if the actual wording of your ad is not relevant or interesting enough to attract the all-important click through?  The more you appreciate the importance of this subject, the more apparent it is to the business owner to make the most of their advertising dollar by carefully worded ads, placed in the most appropriate search result and desirable to the customer.

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