I have been using Google chrome since 2010 and over the years it has been by far the fastest and most reliable browser by far… Until this morning when for whatever reason it had become corrupted! Arrrrgh! I had to reinstall it, however to my horror all of my chrome extensions had also been removed.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to remember the names of the extensions I use (they usually just appear as an icon) at the top of the browser. So as an effort to save time if this ever happens again I have decided to write this blog post about them, this way I will be able to find them again fairly quickly, it may even prove useful to you guys reading this!


1) Google Analytics Opt Out

Download It Here

Google Analytics Opt Out

This is a fantastic little extension, it is really useful for Google Analytics tracking. What this plugin does is block your own visits from messing with your analytics reports.

If you are like me you will continue to work on your own websites and manually keep checking pages are displaying correctly. This will obviously cause your visitor data to be “inflated” slightly, this little extension gets around this issue.


2) SEO For Chrome

Download It Here

SEO For Chrome

SEO for chrome is a really useful extension, it provides you with a fantastic level of information regarding the current website you are visiting.

Most useful in my view are the “pages indexed” information, where it tells you how many of yoru pages are indexed by the major search engines. “Backlinks” report is good too, it tells you how many back links have been found, Majestic SEO especially.

3) SEO Site Tools

Download It Here

SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools is quite similar to SEO Site Tools above, however it gives you a visual PR Score for the page you are currently on.

The information displayed is similar, just laid our differently. I have both installed simply to compare the data between the two, this is probably not really necessary. It is down to personal preference which you install, try them both out and choose.

4) Fully Loaded

Download It Here

Fully Loaded Speed test

I recently found this extension, it is really useful for testing the “load speed” of your web pages, out of the page load speed extensions I have tried this gets my thumbs up.

Google has said that page load speeds are now a factor in their ranking algorithms, Google released a tool which can help you optimise the load times, the SEO community seems split on the importance of this, but in my opinion a faster site is better for visitors too.

5) PageRank Status

Download It Here

PageRank Status

A really good “PageRank Checker” for chrome, I have been using this extension for a little while now and I think it is one of the best and simplest PR indicators.

It is useful for tracking the PR scores of your web pages, and also for identifying which pages have the highest PR score on other websites. This information can be used when targeting sites for link building.

6) Link Checker

Download It Here

PageRank Status

Link checker is great for quickly displaying broken hyperlinks on your web pages, I have no idea why they would choose a woman for the icon…

This isn’t my preferred Link Checking Extension, my favourite “Check My Links” doesn’t seem to be available in the Chrome library now. However this is the next best thing.

7) Site Spider

Download It Here

PageRank Status

Does what it says on the tin, this extension spiders your website and reports back on what it finds.

It is great for highlighting problems with a website, it will report on 404 errors and broken links it finds throughout the website. You can then use this info to fix problems with your site before Google indexes them.

8) Sitemap Generator

Download It Here

Sitemap Generator

Generates sitemap.xml file for your website. It also discovers duplicate pages and identifies broken links.

Really useful for those who don’t know how to write an XML Sitemap by hand, or for generating a sitemap for a large website. Be sure to fix all the errors and duplicates it finds.

9) Ghostery

Download It Here


I was recently told about this one by Peter Handley a great SEO I talk to on Twitter. – http://www.peterhandley.com/

Protect your privacy. See who’s tracking your web browsing with Ghostery. It is also great for testing that your Google Analytics tracking code is working correctly.

10) MozBar

Download It Here


Last but not least, MozBar by Moz.org (formally SEOMoz). This is a great SEO toolbar extension for Chrome.

This is great for displaying the Metrics Moz.org use in their SEO analysis, Domain Authority, Page Autority etc… It becomes really useful once you are logged in as an SEOMoz Pro Member.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading, if you ever have trouble with chrome and need to reinstall your extensions, this list will help. I have also found a fantastic post by Dave Woods along a similar subject, his post “13 Google Chrome Extensions For A Web Designer” is well worth a read too.

Thanks, Andy – @Andy_Morley


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