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SEO Penalty Recovery, I Can Help Clean Up Your SEO

Has your website seen a drop in traffic? Has it been penalised by the search engines? I have this conversation on a regular basis, there are clients that have come to me with this very issue, the good news is I can help you fix the problem.

Most Google penalties are caused by either their “Penguin” or “Panda” algorithms, Google’s automated way of penalising your website. In some very extreme cases they can also impose a manual penalty. These penalties are usually a result of low quality SEO being executed on your website.

The secret to recovering your traffic is to rectify these penalties and put measures in place to avoid them in the future.

The Google Penguin Algorithm

In the past, SEO was largely driven by the volume of back-links a website had, this lead to people building 100’s of links from low quality websites such as non-human edited directories and irrelevant forums. These links were very easy to create and for a time had great influence on the position of a website within the search engines results pages (serps).

Google now takes action against these low quality and non-relevant links in the form of their Google Penguin algorithm. It may sound cute and cuddly but I can assure you it’s not! It is quite possibly the biggest risk your “off-site seo” faces.

In order to clean up a Google Penguin penalty the work involves a link profile audit and the removal of these toxic backlinks. Following this I will also continually monitor all new inbound links which are identified and remove all low quality and non-relevant websites linking to your domain. If removal cannot be achieved Google have a Disavow Tool which can be used, however this can also destroy your SEO if used incorrectly and must only be used with extreme caution not to remove the “good links”.

The Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda is the name given to the other main Google Algorithm, Panda focuses on your physical website, rather than all external factors (back-links, social mentions etc..) like Penguin. The two main areas for Panda are with technical aspects of your website, and the content within your pages.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO can be quite difficult to implement, it will require access to every aspect of your website, hosting and analytics tracking. If you have a website developer, designer or if you manage your site in-house I will need to discuss various elements with your team and put relevant fixes in place.

The technical aspects which may be affecting the performance of your website may include:

  • Site load speeds
  • Server set-up
  • Crawl errors
  • Indexation errors
  • Image optimisation
  • etc…

Further reading about how I can help with your Technical SEO can be read here.

Content Quality

There is an old adage in the SEO industry, “Content is King” and this is as true today as it was when the term was first coined way back in 1996 by none-other than Bill Gates.

The quality of your content is paramount in the modern SEO landscape, well written content coupled with high quality imagery and video will help improve engagement with your site visitors as well as help Google understand the “context” of your pages, helping to determine what the “topic” of your website is. These two things are extremely important if you wish to rank for your industry keywords.

I provide SEO content and Digital PR services which go hand in hand with recovering from SEO penalties. If you would like further information you will Find it here.

By fixing the technical elements along with the content we will be building a strong foundation for your SEO in order for it to really thrive and provide your website with a great opportunity to increase organic traffic, produce more leads and sell more services and products.

Identifying A Penalised Site

The first step in identifying whether or not your website has suffered from a Google penalty is to analyse your traffic reports. By looking specifically at the organic traffic levels and identifying any drops, taking into account any natural seasonality within your sector. Once I have been able to determine if there are any abnormalities with your traffic I will research any potential algorithm updates which have been confirmed by Google directly and try to identify which update caused your traffic drops.

Measures will be put in place to rectify the problem and strategies put in place to prevent any future algorithm updates from harming your website.

The Effects On Business

If a website is hit by a Google penalty the effects are disastrous for business. Rankings can drop dramatically and traffic will be greatly reduced. With traffic being lower than it was previously it will have obvious effects on lead generation, sales and conversions.

To put it bluntly, a “Google Penalty” could in a worst case scenario destroy your business, rendering your website ineffective and useless. Leaving the door wide open for your competitors

Recovery Is Possible

Penalty recovery is becoming a specialist area of the SEO industry, recovering from these Google penalties is possible, but can be very time consuming.

Identifying and undoing the low quality SEO work is where Google Penalty recovery begins. Knowing which penalty hit the website is crucial to regaining the rankings and traffic the website once had.

Once the recovery work has been completed it is important that these low quality SEO techniques are not repeated, focusing on the higher quality and longer lasting methods of SEO. 

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