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Search Engine Optimisation Services

For any business serious about their digital marketing SEO is often the first thing companies will utilise. Search Engine Optimisation has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, if done correctly your website will increase in its rankings within the search results, there will be an increase in the traffic hitting the website and ultimately (and most importantly) there will be an increase in leads, sales and revenue generated by your business.

For many businesses, they understand the importance of SEO and the impact improving their rankings in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Big can bring. However they lack the resources, be that time or knowledge to implement an SEO strategy in house. This is where I can help, working with an experienced SEO specialist can help you reach your business goals faster and achieve added visibility online.

Ever Changing

The SEO industry is always evolving and changing, keeping on top of the latest “best practices” can be extremely difficult. In recent years Google have begun to penalise websites which contravene their “webmaster guidelines”. By staying up to date with the SEO industry these penalties can be avoided.

I have been working in the web industry since 1999 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEO.

Available SEO Services

National SEO

Target the entire UK with my national seo services, ideal for ecommerce businesses and companies who provide services throughout the UK.

Local SEO

Location based SEO services to help your business reach potential customers within your catchment area, increase sales and leads and out-perform local competitors.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO can be extremely effective for ecommerce stores, promoting their products via the organic search results, targeting highly relevant keywords.

SEO Penalty Recovery

SEO Penalties - Low quality SEO strategies can actually harm your website, recovering from penalties is extremely important for your website & business.

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Successful SEO Strategy

Any successful digital marketing & SEO strategy must align with your company goals. Working together we will identify your goals and set out some KPI’s to ensure we achieve these goals.

A successful SEO strategy should be flexible enough to evolve to the changing landscape of the SEO industry and also be adaptable to meet your changing business needs.

My Approach to SEO

If you have read my “What is SEO?” page you will see that SEO can be broken down into two main areas, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both need attention and both will require a separate strategy.

On-Page SEO

The initial phase of any SEO project is to perform a technical audit to identify any potential areas for improvement within your own website.

Keyword research is also highly important, by knowing what people are searching for within the search engines which relate directly to your services and products is essential to any SEO strategy.

Once keyword research has been completed, these keywords are integrated into your website and the written content on each page.

Off-Page SEO

Optimising your own website, including keywords and fixing any technical errors may improve your rankings and traffic, however to form a more substantial SEO strategy there must also be an element of “off-page seo”. Increasing your company’s profile on the internet via other websites, directories, digital PR etc…

The off-page SEO should be a continual process, and will form the bulk of the on-going SEO work for any website.

Quality Content

The quality of your written content can make or break your SEO campaign, in recent years Google has become extremely strict on the quality of the content on your website. Word count, semantics and grammar are all important, Google measures the relevancy of your website content against the search made by the user, if your content is topically relevant to what was being searched for you stand a much higher chance of ranking.

How SEO Can Help...

Increased Visibility

Increased visibility online can help you attract more customers, generating more sales and leads.

Attract Customers

By actively targeting the keywords people are searching for withing the search engines.

Increased Web Traffic

By performing Search Engine Optimisation on your website, we can boost the traffic your site receives.

Brand Awareness

Seo has the power to build your company brand by increasing your website visibility.

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