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Local SEO – How Can It Help?

If you run a business that targets local customers you will understand the importance of increasing your company’s visibility in the local area and on the internet.

The aim of Local SEO is to improve the traffic hitting your website from people local to you who are actively searching online for the services or products you provide. For example, you may have found my website by searching “SEO Derby” within Google. By Performing Local SEO we are able to increase the rankings of your website for these local search terms.

For you to get the most out of Local SEO Google needs to understand the local relevance of your company and website. We need to focus on improving your local presence online, there are various ways in which this can be achieved.

What Does Local SEO Involve?

Local SEO is relevant to any business wishing to attract more local customers. The key benefits are increased traffic from your target audience and increased sales and leads from your local area. Finally Local SEO will help build your company brand locally.

Website Optimisation

Optimising your website for the local search results is similar to optimising on a national basis. Content needs to be well written, technical SEO aspects need to be addressed and other websites need to link back to yours. The main difference is that your must mention the areas you are hoping to rank for within the written content of your pages.

Working your locations into the written content can be quite tricky to make it read well. There are specific key areas in the website code which also need to contain your targeted areas.

When I am planning your SEO I will discuss whether your business is looking for new customers local to you. I will require a list of all the areas you wish to target, however there must be one main area which matches your postal address.

Google My Business

For your website to thrive in the local search results it is vital that you create a fully optimised Google My Business page. This page is a special type of listing on Google which if done correctly will help your company appear in the local map results and local search results. Your business address and phone number must match with what is listed on your website.

Another key element to your Google My Business page is the reviews, Google Reviews are a strong signal that your website is a legitimate entity. It also gives your happy customers somewhere to leave positive feedback about your company. These reviews can then be used as a “rich snippet” to appear alongside your website listing in the search results and on any Google PPC adverts. One of the first things I will do is set up and optimise your Google My Business listing.

Local Citations

A Local citation is a listing on any website on the internet which mentions your company Name, address and telephone number, they may also link back to your website but this isn’t always the case. The most common “local citations” are from business directories. In the past business directories were abused and 100’s of back links could be built to a website over night. This is one of the most common problems with websites that have suffered a link based Google penalty (read my penalty recovery page).

High quality directories like yell.com, thomson local & yelp are “human edited” and are where I will concentrate when building local citations for your business. I will also identify any directories specifically to your target areas.

Local Digital PR Coverage

If your company is active within your local community or you have regular news stories you can publish it is a great opportunity to generate local PR coverage, an example for the Derby area would be the Derby Evening Telegraph or in Nottingham it would be the Nottingham Post.

I am able to reach out to local journalists and discuss any potential stories which would be relevant to their publications. Obtaining local press coverage is an extremely strong signal to the search engines for the areas you are targeting.

I also work with some fantastic PR agencies who can help plan a PR campaign should you require it.

Local Link Building

Building links back to your website is still one of the most important activities for any SEO campaign. I will look for other websites within your targeted areas and see if there are any opportunities for building a backlink. one of the quickest ways to see results on a local level is to build links to your website, the likelihood is that your competitors are spending time on their local link building is very slim. Most clients I speak to who are looking to achieve higher rankings within local search don’t have many inbound links to their websites.
This is one of the quickest ways to see improvements within your organic traffic from local customers.

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