The world of advertising and marketing is changing, search engine optimisation and paid online advertising is becoming the primary method for businesses looking to attract new customers, sell more product and generate leads.

One of the major marketing channels for small businesses is “local seo”, but what is local SEO?

What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

In order to fully understand what local seo is you first need to understand what search engine optimisation is, SEO is an online advertising / marketing technique which “optimises” your website for search engine traffic. When a potential customer searches in Google for your products or services it is important that your website appears on the first page of search results. This doesn’t happen all by it’self, it is highly likely that the sites which appear at the top of the results have had SEO performed, by an SEO consultant or agency.

There are two main categories of SEO, on-site SEO and off-site SEO, on-site consists of how the website is coded and the quality of the content on the website pages, off-site SEO consists of external factors which may influence your website’s rankings. Social media “mentions” and links from other websites are the primary elements of off-site SEO which influence the performance of your website in the search engine results.

Read more about what SEO is here.

So What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO specifically targets search engine traffic based around a location or search queries which contain a town or city.

Lets pretend you are a photographer who is interested in attracting new customers from your local area, you are based in Derby in the East Midlands. You would like to attract people searching for a “photographer derby” or  “photography in derbyshire”, these are just two examples of searches which your potential customers will type into Google in order to find what they are looking for.


The resulting Google search result page contains a list of local photographers, your competitors… It is clear that these types of searches are very specific, and if your website ranks on the first page for these keywords you are highly likely to attract a local customer.

Benefits Of Local SEO For Small Businesses?

There are many benefits of localised SEO for small businesses, each can help attract more customers, generate sales and leads.

Benefits include:

  • Attracting local customers.
  • More likely to convert the visitor into a sale or a lead, through relevance.
  • Raising your company profile and brand awareness.
  • Take advantage of Google Places listings.
  • Lower cost compared to other marketing channels.

What Is Google Places For Businesses?

Google have their own way of displaying local businesses within the search engine results, it is called Google Places. Google places requires businesses to create a Google Plus page, these pages are then displayed in the search engine results as follows:


It is important to provide the correct address details of your business when creating this Google Plus page, as it is used to identify your location and Google will drop a “Pin” on their Google Maps for your company. It is important that your website also contains the same address as this will help Google identify and associate your business with your places page.

Gopogle have recently released a new service which helps stream the process of setting up your business on Google Plus, this service is called “Google My Business“.

How Can I Help With Your Local SEO?

I have been working within the SEO industry for many years and have built up a lot of experience is setting up both local SEO and national SEO campaigns. I can fully optimise your website for local SEO traffic, set up Google places pages and help attract new local customers to your business.

Find out more about my Local SEO services here, but also please be aware that there is another option for attracting local customers, Local Pay Per Click campaigns.

Please feel free to contact me for a quote or give me a call on 07581 073926.



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