The new Google algorithm has made it clear that content is king. The days of spun articles stuffed with keywords being all a website needs to achieve a high ranking on the search pages are over. SEO copywriting is a must for all websites now. Unique, quality content is the most important thing a website needs for a high ranking by the search engines.

The Functions of SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting must serve two functions. It must contain keywords that allow search engines to index the website and it must contain content that encourages people to read the copy. Websites must have something of value to offer visitors. Those visitors who spend a little time on a site are more likely to buy something and this improves the website conversion rate. It also encourages repeat visits. People who find good information on a site return to it again and again so long as the information is fresh and has value to them. Fresh content is another thing being rewarded by Google’s new formula.

How SEO Copywriting Benefits Websites

1. It properly places keywords so that search engines place the website high in their rankings. The goal is to push the website as close to the top as possible on the search engine pages, since statistics show users almost never click beyond a few links on the first page.

2. It offers valuable content to visitors to the website. Google rewards websites that have visitors spending time on the site. It punishes those sites that have a high bounce rate. The theory is content with good value encourages visitors to stay and bad content encourages visitors to leave, hence a high bounce rate.

3. Good content makes people want to share it. This is usually done by providing a link to the content. This increases traffic to the website organically and websites with lots of quality back links rise in the search engine rankings.

SEO Copywriting and Social Media

SEO copywriting is not confined to article writing, but includes blog and social media posts as well. There is no reason to miss opportunities to drive traffic to your website from your social media outlets. Internet users spend a lot of time on the social media sites and backlinks from these places are good for your search engine rankings.

SEO Copywriting and Links

1. In the past, website owners were able to engage in practices like reciprocal linking with other sites to increase the number of back links to their site. Reciprocal links are no longer counted towards SEO rankings since the search engines would like to stop this practice.

2. Some website owners would spend time posting to as many blogs as possible to leave do-follow links back to their website. These things are a waste of time now since the search engines will not count these as real links. However, relevant comments that encourage new visitors to your website are still useful for traffic purposes.

3. The truly valuable links are those from an authoritative source to your website. The only way to get a quality site to link back to your website is through having some useful and valuable information in your content.

4. Social bookmarks are also valuable links. These count towards your search engine rankings. People bookmark sites with good information that may prove valuable to them.

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