Here are my top 13 SEO RSS feeds (hey I like to be different).

It is essential to stay on top of the SEO industry and get the latest news and information, there is no better way in my opinion than using RSS feeds to pull the information directly into your RSS reader.

Whichever reader you choose my top 13 list should give you a nice steady stream of the latest news & articles to effect our industry.

If you can think of any I have missed please drop me an email or add to the comments below.

Without further a do and in no particular order:

SEO Rss Feeds

  1. SEOMoz –
  2. Distilled –
  3. SEO Chat –
  4. Search Engine Round Table –
  5. Michael Gray –
  6. Web SEO Analytics –
  7. Search Engine Journal –
  8. Search Engine Land –
  9. Google Web Master Central –
  10. Matt Cutts –
  11. SEO Book –
  12. SEOptimise –
  13. SEO Consult –


Please add any others you guys know about in the comments section below.

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