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SEO Audits

In order for me to fully understand your current website and what has (or hasn’t) been done with SEO) I will perform an initial audit. This will help me to identify any potential areas for improvement and plan a strategy for your individual website moving forward. Every website is different and there is no one-size fits all when it comes to an effective SEO strategy.

There are 3 audits I will perform, the first is a FREE audit prior to coming over to see you during and initial meeting, this is done to give us an agenda of talking points for our meeting. the other two audits are an “on-site” technical SEO audit and an “off-site” audit looking at your website back link profile.


The initial FREE audit is used as a tool for our initial meeting, I will quickly identify areas for SEO improvement and run through these with you during an initial meeting. This will help you to understand how I work and the SEO process in general.

I will look at some initial technical elements and also take a look at which other websites are linking back to yours, and we can start to form a strategy from there.

What Is Involved With and SEO Audit?

Access To Your Site

In order to perform an in-depth seo audit of your website I will need to be able to access the site, usually I can perform a top level seo audit by simply looking at the site in the web browser but to get a better idea of what is required having access to the CMS or “back end” would be extremely beneficial.

This would enable me to identify any potential technical aspects of how the site have been put together which may require some attention.

Access To Your Analytics

Google Analytics is a FREE tool for tracking the performance of your website, by accessing your Google Analytics account I can take a look at how much traffic the site is getting & where it comes from. More importantly I can gain an understanding of how your site visitors are interacting with your pages and content.

Google Analytics access would allow me to identify any potential area’s within your website which may need some SEO attention.

On-Site Technical Audit

Technical SEO is extremely important, there are certain elements which can negatively effect the SEO performance of your website, site load speeds, crawl errors, old URL’s from previous incarnations of your website and much more…

I will perform a technical SEO audit which will identify any technical issues which may need addressing, once found these will be included within the initial SEO strategy.

Content Audit

Content is extremely important when it comes to SEO, I will perform an audit of the website content including written paragraph content, image sizes etc…

The most common issues I find when auditing website content are Lack of written content and duplicated content. Both of these are relatively easy to fix and can make a huge difference to your SEO.

Link Profile Audit

Every website has a “link profile” these are essentially made up of the other websites which link back to yours.

Link building when done right is a huge part of a successful SEO strategy, the aim of the link profile audit is to identify the quality of the links pointing to wards your website.

Not all backlinks are good, in fact some will actually harm your SEO. I will identify these and put a strategy in place to either remove them or instruct the search engines to ignore them.

NAP Listings Audit

Name Address Postcode listings or “NAP” listings are extremely important for businesses wishing to rank for Local searches, they form a huge part of local SEO and are a strong signal to the search engines that your business is located in a specific area.

It is important that these listings are accurate and in the same format across the web including your own website. When performing a NAP listings audit I will identify any which are different and work towards correcting any which don’t match your website.

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