This week we have moved into our new office space and as a result I have become a little sentimental, looking back on where it all started and where I have come. I have worked in the web industry since 1999, for various different agencies and “in house”, in 2012 I officially made the step into full time “Freelance”.

I had taken the leap and started my own business “officially”, The Web Design Group was born.

It was originally set up to be a group of like minded freelancers to share work with each other, the Ltd company was originally founded by myself and another gentleman I shall refer to as C.R. We both worked for a large agency at the time, and were in discussions on making a go of our own freelance careers.

My first office!

My first office was in my garage at home, it seems to be quite common in the freelance world to have a home office. I started to convert my garage myself… Not very big or pretty, there were two desks in it and not a lot of room for much else. Within 2 months I couldn’t stand it any longer!!

Moving Out

The time had come where I wasn’t getting the most out of my working day, I was watching more TV than working, something had to change. I needed to capture that sense of “going to work” and getting out the house. I started looking for a small office in Ilkeston. I soon found that The Erewash Partnership ran a managed office building called Castledine House. I moved into office 5 in January 2013, 2 months after converting my garage… What a waste of money that was!

1 Became 2

The Web Design Group was starting to do well, by February 2013 I had invited an ex-colleague of mine Matt Porter to join the business, Matt became my business partner in Feb 2013 and joint owner of the business. Here is his ugly mug in our small office, notice the change of desks and sexy signage


We were operating from this small office when we started our expansion and started taking on staff, Curtis Worthington being our first member of staff to join us in October 2013. Chelsea Potter joined us in Feb 2014. We moved into Office 4 Castledine House to accommodate our growing team, but also kept the smaller office 5 for a meeting room.

New Office

So here we find ourselves in April 2015 having just moved out office 5 and into office 3, another larger office. We should be able to stay here now for some time, we have space for at least 10 staff members now.

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