So, It’s the end of the road! End of a chapter!

I have decided that in order to further my career and learn new things, undertake new challenges I should switch jobs. I will be leaving the SEO & Web Design Agency life behind me for the foreseeable future, making the move “in house” becoming Head Of eCommerce for a company called Medi Direct.

10 Years Agency Experience

At the time of writing this, I have amassed 10 years worth of experience working within web agencies, most recently for Adtrak LLP in Nottingham, UK.

A quick story…

I joined Adtrak as their first “web guy”, I was the first website designer employed by what was then a Print Design Agency. I helped Adtrak move into the modern age of the internet and website design. Adtrak started dabbling with web in 2006 where we would design small brochure type websites for our clients. Before long I was heading up a web department of 6 website designers.

We quickly moved into offering larger websites and eCommerce, with this came more staff expansion and a larger team for me to manage.

Adtrak began offering SEO services to it’s clients, which meant I had to learn the basics of SEO quickly! This was the start of my SEO career! We also employed an SEO person out right, the SEO department was born!

After nearly 6 years working at Adtrak, holding many different positions within the company including Web Design Manager and SEO Manager the time has come for a change.

Mixed Feelings

I have been at Adtrak for a long time and I have seen it grow from a small print agency into one of the biggest web companies in the UK with over 50 staff members. I have personally been responsible for employing roughly 40 of Adtrak’s staff members! This has given me a unique bond with the majority of Adtrak’s staff it is going to be very strange not working with these guys and girls.

I am looking forward to the challenge my new job role will bring, this involves building a new marketing team for a new company and working more closely with eCommerce.

These two things are something I am really looking forward to!

There may be some eCommerce based posts appearing on my blog soon!



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