Video Blogging Camera & MicI have recently aquired a new HD Video Camera by the guys at Adtrak (my leaving prezzie), I have been thinking of doing more video blogging for a while now and now I have a HD video camera it would seem to be the best time to start. I have no idea when it comes to shooting / capturing video, so I have been researching the subject of Video Blogging.

I have found a few decent bloggers who seem to be giving good advice about how to get started.

As follows:


Ok… so where did I start?

Firstly you need to choose between hosting the video’s yourself or using Youtube, PodBean, Vimeo etc… Because of the power of YouTube and the ease of use combined with its huge following I have chosen YouTube as my platform for hosting. You need to  have a Google Account in order to set up a YouTube channel, my new channel can be found here:

Next, I shot a test video to make sure I know how my camera works, I also had to convert my video into a readable format (Prism Video Converter Plus), my Vista PC doesn’t have the codec for mp4 videos. I then imported the video into “Windows Movie Maker 2” which I have installed on my PC. Movie Maker is really simple to use, and you should be able to pick it up fairly quickly.

I uploaded one of my test videos to my YouTube channel so I got a feel for how to upload to YouTube etc…

Watch this space, this is my first of many video bloggs! (hopefully).

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