A Bit About My Freelance Experience

I have been “freelancing” within the web industry since 2001, I have many years experience in developing websites for small – medium sized businesses throughout the East Midlands.

My expertise in website design and search engine marketing are essential in successfully marketing websites. If you are looking for a freelance website designer or internet marketer to work on your company website then please get in touch, my prices are highly competitive and are 100% negotiable.

Together we can create a website you can be proud of.

Web Agencies

If you are a web design agency looking for a freelance designer to help cater for your “overspill” of work, then please get in touch. I have worked with various agencies over the last 10 years and always work in a professional and efficient manner.

Agencies I have worked for include:

  • Evolution Media Services
  • Adtrak Services Ltd
  • Motonetic Business Solutions
  • LeenTech Ltd
  • The Web Design Group
  • Yelrom Designs

I am always happy to work with other agencies and freelancers, I am part of “The Web Design Group”, a group of like minded freelancers who share their projects with each other, out sourcing specific projects to certain individuals depending on skills and proficiency.

Visit The Web Design Group website for further information – http://www.thewebdesigngroup.co.uk

Freelancing Tips – Blog

I have written some helpful articles in my blog regarding freelancing, please check out the Freelance category in my blog, comment and share the posts. I look forward to your feedback.

You can find the Freelance Blog Posts here – http://www.andy-morley.co.uk/category/blog/freelancing/

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