Social MediaSocial media is the latest craze within the search engine optimisation space. It’s often noted that if you don’t keep up you will fall behind.

This is especially true when it comes to social media. Many people use this as a platform to engage with not only businesses but with websites in the online space. Having a loyal following that will push your brand is something that will help in your customer’s eyes, and the search engines results.

Social Signals Count

Google’s algorithm changes on a daily basis and it’s often hard to keep up. However, you should always remember that a link is classed as a vote in Google’s eyes, and it seems that it’s turning that way for social media as well. Every time someone tweets your post or likes it, in essence they are approving of your content and telling people they appreciate it.

This is one of the main reasons you should make sure you are implementing a strategy where your customers have an opportunity to share or tweet your content.

Shared Content Can Go Viral

The web is a fantastic medium for things to be spread and in most instances social media is the catalyst of this. If a good post or image is tweeted by someone with influence it can often change the whole scope of something that was just sitting on your website, to something that is being shared and spreading across the globe.

All this sharing will bring in a lot of traffic meaning you have another chance to capture a loyal visitor.

People Will Link To Your Content

Another side benefit of someone sharing your work is that they could even link to it from their blog as well. This effect is even bigger in the SEO community. If you manage to write an extremely good post on SEO it could get shared many times over. Many people in SEO own their own websites and could even share some link love if the content is that worthy of being spread to their audience.

People linking to your content can happen from anywhere and not just the SEO community, so always think of ways you can implement this into your strategy.

More Repeat Visitors

Having more visitors to your website that care about what you’ve done, and what you’re doing is a god-send for any online website. Even though SEO is predominantly about getting new visitors to your website, when you have returning ones it shows you’re doing something right. Social media can help this through sharing content to your users.

Believe it or not there will even be some users who will highly anticipate the release of your next content if they actually care what you’re putting out.

As you can see social media has a large part to play in SEO and can affect it in various ways. Make sure you are aware of this, and always look for ways you can get your audience involved with your content whether that’s through sharing, linking or spreading the word.

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