The buzz words in marketing today are “social media.” Your business must take advantage of social media marketing. It is no longer just an option. Although it may seem daunting at first, getting started is not difficult if you’re willing to spend just a little time familiarizing yourself with the basics. This will be time well spent, as using social media requires little in terms of monetary investment. These platforms offer targeted advertising, making them effective when compared to traditional marketing techniques. Your business will thrive as social media networks help to build customer loyalty, and new customers can quickly be obtained via the best advertising method—word-of-mouth.

1. Start a Facebook Page

At the bare minimum, your business needs to have a page on Facebook. As the saying goes, you need to go where your customers are, and chances are they are on Facebook. With more than 800 million regular users across the world, it is the most popular social media outlet. Keep in mind that not just any page will do. You need a well-designed page that will set you apart from the competition. Your page should have content that entices viewers to stay on the page, read the posts and interact. Interaction and sharing with other users is the key to success for any social media platform, and Facebook’s “Like” feature starts the process. When a person click’s “like,” his or her friends can see that activity, and their curiosity may lead to additional page hits and likes.

Solid brand identification is always a goal for any business, and Facebook pages have a variety of options that allow you to customize it to fit that unique identity that your customers are familiar with, and that you want to impart on potential ones. Status updates let you spread information about any topic you choose. It’s an easy way to update your fans with information about new products and services. Video and pictures are easy to post. Plus, you can receive instant feedback from comments and forums. Surveys can also be created and offered.

2. Get on Twitter

Twitter only trails Facebook slightly in the number of active users. It is a useful tool that allows your business many benefits. As a tool to spread information, a well-rounded Twitter account with plenty of enthusiastic followers is unmatched. The service also excels at spreading the word about collaborative efforts and organizing people for many purposes.

3. Link it All Together

One basic thing to keep in mind about social media: It works best in synergy. Your business should have several different social media presences and cross link to all of them. Twitter makes this process easy because you can tweet links to your website, blog, videos and Facebook page. Twitter also acts as a way to spread information about your other social media accounts through linking to blogs, YouTube videos, etc. Your business can receive foot traffic or website visits through the use of promotions that offer discounts to followers. It al

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